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Early Bird Cafe

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Help brighten up the lives of Sydney CBD's disadvantaged by donating today

We’re making a real difference every day supporting Sydney’s disadvantaged in its CBD

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We provide much needed support to Sydney-siders

Being disadvantaged is not simply being homeless. It can be when life changes dramatically, either socially or financially and it can happen to anyone at any time.

An unexpected bill or a shift in a financial situation, can change the life of a resident in our community, forcing them into challenging times. Sydney’s CBD is often where individuals experiencing disadvantage gravitate to.

The recent Homeless Census conducted by the City of Sydney, estimated that those who are sleeping on the streets are only 5% of the 5,000+ actual homeless in the Sydney CBD.

The founders of City Community Care Inc. recognised this, so in September 2012 they started the Early Bird Cafe in Sydney’s CBD. Their aim was to provide practical assistance to those in need – not only the homeless but those who have fallen on tough times too.

Since 2012, the Early Bird Cafe has prepared over 35,000 breakfasts per year. It also provides items like personal hygiene products, reading material, clothing and sleeping goods, along with medical support from other providers. All proof that the significant need of practical help is constant for Sydney’s CBD disadvantaged.

We’d love for you to provide practical help where you can, whether it’s buying brekky or donating items.

Thank you.

Claire Bates
+61 406 333 769

Chair, City Community Care Inc.

You can provide brekky for less than a coffee  a bus trip netflix  a glass of wine

Where does your donation go?

We love giving a good start to someone’s day. That’s why 100% of your financial donation online goes to meals and drinks for the disadvantaged in Sydney’s CBD and ZERO goes to admin and overhead costs. 

Take a look at what we do

morning brekky

5 days a week we offer a hearty brekky, hot and cold drinks plus frozen lunches and dinners to over 100 customers.

practical goods

We offer personal hygiene products, reading material, clothing and sleeping goods to our customers.

support services

We provide access to the everyday life needs such as proof of identity, personal administration etc.

medical support

We provide a safe venue for medical support for customers from our trusted health partners.

Help brighten up the lives of Sydney CBD's disadvantaged

We’re making a real difference - Meet Morrie

When we first met Morrie

The Early Bird Cafe helped change his life

The Early Bird Cafe has a lasting impact on the disadvantaged in Sydney’s CBD, helping them transform their lives. Meet Morrie – he’s a regular customer of the Early Bird Cafe who has lived on the streets of Sydney’s CBD for the last 9 years after losing his way. Over the past 8 years, he’s enjoyed a breakfast and hot drink every morning in a safe environment thanks to the Early Bird Cafe. Now he has a home and a job giving him a stable and a more comfortable life.

Morrie today

A massive thanks goes to our supporters

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