Serving up hot meals and smiles in Sydney’s CBD

It doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day. A hot meal, a friendly chat and some caring support go a long way – which is what we do at the Early Bird Cafe. With funding from our varied sponsors and donors, and the assistance of volunteers, we serve thousands of meals each year and brighten just as many mornings.

Serving 80+ hot breakfasts every weekday morning

Operating since 2012, the Early Bird Cafe is a safe place where Sydney’s disadvantaged can find a hot meal and a helping hand. On a typical weekday morning we serve 80 breakfasts, give out clothing and practical goods, and get to know the needs of our community. For some, it’s as simple as a friendly chat.

Recently, we’ve seen an increase in demand. Some mornings we’ll serve 100+ breakfasts – a change we feel may be due to COVID-19. We’ve also made the swap from sit-down meals to takeaway, in line with health and safety precautions. These measures have meant increased costs to continue to support our community.

It is thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and volunteers that we are able to operate every morning, and we wouldn’t be here without them. For example, the Stockland CARE Grant, helped us afford food supplies and takeaway containers to serve 6,000 breakfasts in the past three months.

Making a real difference for people like Morrie

It can be hard to imagine how a simple morning meal can change a life. But it’s about more than a meal; it’s about the connections and community.  Morrie has enjoyed breakfast at the Early Bird Cafe every morning for the past 8 years. When we first met, he was living behind the NSW State Library. 

Over the years, we’ve shared many a morning with Morrie – engaged in a friendly chat, keeping him warm with clothing donations and of course, serving his brekky. Providing a safe and friendly environment for all is why so many continue to come to Early Bird Cafe for support and friendship – not just a hot meal.

That’s why, whilst Morrie is now in stable housing and has secured a job, the Early Bird Cafe continues to still be a part of his day.  It’s also why we will continue to be here bright and early to serve up a smile (and a tasty meal) for our community and those in need.

Donating brekky costs less than your morning coffee

To continue serving meals and making a difference, we’re asking for your help. It costs less than your morning coffee to donate a meal to someone in need. Donate today and help us brighten someone’s day.

We also accept donations of practical goods – such as personal hygiene products, clothing and reading material. If money or goods are not possible, we’d love to have you volunteer with us – simply fill in your details on the volunteer form.

We want to thank all our current and past volunteers who have donated their time, as well as the sponsors and individuals who donate funds to keep the Early Bird Cafe running.